About Us

By choosing my baked goods to represent their brand, my clients are entrusting so much to me. So, it’s important my cupcakes and biscuits are perfectly formed and presented, each and every time. The success of my business is down to my commitment to uniformity as much as it is to my love of baking!

What I really derive pleasure from is seeing each of my finished goods lined up and looking exactly like the next.
It’s an interest in process that I honed during my 19 years working at an International Airline. It is amazing how the skills gained in logistics and Project Management have been so helpful, along with being highly organised and a perfectionist!

Cupcakes have a timeless appeal. I think a lot of their popularity is down to nostalgia; the term ‘cupcake’ itself may be relatively new to the UK but its image evokes fond memories of the smaller fairy cake we all know and love from birthday parties and family gatherings. They’re also incredibly easy to serve and eat as they are pre-portioned and ready for display and distributing.

Whether you choose to have a company logo, word of thanks, motivational statement or QR code, our branded cupcakes are designed to deliver a memorable (and entirely delicious!) message.

What could be more British than Tea and Biscuits?
Our deliciously buttery Shortbread Biscuit is the basis for our logo biscuits, available again with your logo, graphic or message and individually packaged, they are always enjoyed (often more than one consumed we are told!).

Available individually or in a gift box, they make a great addition to any event or a gift sent in the post using our next day courier service.  Order online or send us a message – we will take all the stress and effort away from you.

What is your favourite cake flavour? Whether it is lemon drizzle, sticky gingerbread or double chocolate chip, we have it covered with Cake Slices individually packaged with your logo or message on the packaging to make a personal gift or treat for any occasion.